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Dec 27

An Example Of How A Wisdom Tooth Eruption Causes Gum Pain

As a Board Certified Oral Surgeon, I routinely treat symptoms of pain and discomfort but the reasons vary from patient to patient since each person’s teeth are unique.

In my Manhattan Oral Surgery practice, we often see patients regarding their wisdom teeth concerns and always make a personalized care plan to address their individual needs. In my practice some patients find us on their own after doing research, or through a general dentist referral, or they may be recommended by another patient. I also routinely see patients that are interested in a second opinion, after consulting with another dentist or oral surgeon.

This week I had met with a teenage patient whose parents called the office because their teen complained about discomfort while chewing and he had a sore of the inside of his cheek. We scheduled an appointment at his earliest convenience so I could visually examine his mouth.

Below is an image that shows a wisdom tooth in a position that is causing irritation of the cheek.

Wisdom Tooth Eruption

The image shows a wisdom tooth in the upper left jaw that has erupted and its sharp cusp tip is irritating the cheek. This is a common problem that typically occurs because the mouth often is not large enough to support 32 teeth. Wisdom teeth typically begin to appear between the ages of 17-26.

After consulting with the patient and performing a thorough exam, I was able to explain what was causing his pain. The patient was experiencing headaches, ear pain, difficulty opening his mouth, pain while eating, and had a painful sore / ulcer on the inside of his cheek.

I suggested that the best treatment was to remove the poorly positioned wisdom tooth. After explaining the procedure and answering his questions, he agreed to have the wisdom tooth removed. The procedure went smoothly and my staff reviewed instructions for care after having a wisdom tooth extracted. Many patients tell me that they have minimal discomfort after a procedure and only need over the counter pain medication. Just in case the patient needs it, I provided the patient with a prescription for pain medication.

I called my patient that evening to follow up and check and see how he was feeling, he said that he was cautiously enjoying a cheeseburger and already felt much better. I believe he made the correct decision and was pleased that I was able to assist him.

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