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Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom Teeth Removal

wisdom teeth removalWisdom teeth (third molars) typically appear in adolescent adults by the time we reach 25 years old. The majority of mouths are unable fit thirty two teeth properly. When the extra third molars develop they may fail to erupt through the gum line correctly and they can become impacted. When wisdom teeth become impacted, the commonly recommended practice is to remove them before they erupt. If allowed to erupt through your gum line your wisdom teeth can cause infection, swelling and pain the the jaw.

Wisdom teeth removal is an oral surgery procedure best performed by a specialist. It can be performed with local anesthesia, although many patients may elect to be sedated and safely sleep through the procedure. Most patients may return to work the following day after the procedure.

impacted wisdom toothcontact an oral surgeonTo contact a Manhattan Oral Surgeon about impacted wisdom teeth removal use our contact form or call (212) 696-2699.